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New and available for 2019 holiday sales!

Bergamot’s latest, beautifully crafted art book in collaboration with Charles Fine Arts of Gloucester, Massachusetts: In the Style of Homer, with essays by Judith A. Curtis and Geoffrey Teale Chalmers. Shop from Amazon or Charles Fine Arts: ISBN 978-0-578-60290.

Endorsed by William R. Cross, guest curator and author, Homer at the Beach: A Marine Painter’s Journey, 1869–1880, Cape Ann Museum

“It is a special joy to see the many ways in which Winslow Homer’s oil paintings and watercolors continue to inspire artists today. Charles Fine Arts has assembled a varied collection of recently completed paintings that reflect the wide spectrum of light and color, and quintessential subjects set in bold compositions, seen in Homer’s work. These artists and their farsighted gallery are contributing to the cultural life of Gloucester today, and I share with many in wishing them congratulations and thanks.”