Agreement Participant

Incentives — If you give incentives to participants, indicate it here and indicate it. “Terms of Use” refers to the terms of use updated from time to time on our site, which all participants who perform evaluation or training activities with Lattice must accept and accept as a condition of use. This is the end of the long document. Make a place available to participants where they can include their name, date, email address and signature. You really want to be clear about what exactly is and how to handle exactly the information obtained by the participants. Please read this document carefully. It must be signed by all participants in Tree to Tree Idaho (Tree to Tree Xtreme, LLC) programs. If the participant is a minor, at least one parent or legal guardian (the parent and legal guardian designated as a parent) must also sign as proof of their consent to these terms and conditions on their own behalf and on behalf of the minor participant. References to “I” or “we” refer to all those who sign below, unless otherwise stated. 10. Voluntary recognition I confirm that my consent to the provisions is entirely voluntary, and further understand that, prior to the signing of this agreement, do I have the right to consult with the advisor, counsel or lawyer of my choice. RISKS: I recognize and understand that there are risks, dangers and dangers in inherent and other training activities, and that participation can result in all kinds of injuries, including serious injury (both physical and mental) or death. Risks associated with lattice training activities include, but are not limited to: traps, collision with objects, people or structures, falling on rough, worn or hard landing grounds; Be met by other participants or objects bulk handles or loose rocks, equipment failure, even if the equipment is properly used; the behaviour of other participants, visitors and facility staff, including neglect; damage caused by weather, plants or wildlife; and strengthening existing conditions.

In addition, an injury to oneself due to physical overload, poor exercise, misuse of protocols and worsening of existing injuries. These and other risks are inherent in Lattice Training Activities – that is, they cannot be eliminated without changing the type of participation in these activities. Participation in Lattice Training Activities is voluntary and participants can withdraw from their participation at any time. I am currently working on a project and I had to submit a research participation agreement to the researchers. Since I never created one, I had to look for a model and couldn`t find a simple model, so I chose INVENT one. I understand and agree that this recognition, the agreement without damage, the release, compensation and risk management is binding on me, my heirs, my rights holders of the assignment, my family members, my executors and my directors and my personal representatives.