Cfo Consulting Services Agreement

CONSIDERING that the company`s board of directors has the desire to provide advisory services under the following conditions and under the following conditions; and, following the signing below, both parties agree to impose and terminate the full terms of this contract until the expiry or otherwise by both parties. Both the client and the advisor agree and recognize that if the agreement is violated by one of the parties, the non-injurious party is entitled to remedy the breach by a temporary or permanent injunction by the courts of [Sender.County], [Sender.State]. The non-injurious party is not responsible for the evidence of the injury and both parties agree that the non-injurious party will be able to provide a full copy of the financial advisory agreement and fully enforce it and enforce it by the court. The duration of this financial services consulting contract is of a duration [agreed. years]-years. Failure to comply with or apply any particular element of the financial advisory agreement should not be regarded as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the full scope of this agreement. The client and the advisor have the legal authority to enter into this financial services advisory agreement between them. The individuals whose signatures appear on the last page of this agreement are representatives of their respective employers and are fully entitled to enter into contractual agreements on behalf of their employers. If one of the parties is to take legal action to enforce this agreement or to remedy the violation by the other party, the party in such a court proceeding is entitled to full reimbursement of all legal fees, including legal costs incurred during those proceedings and proceedings.

This document represents the entire agreement between the client and the advisor. Other written or oral agreements, promises or agreements are not respected by the client and the advisor when signing this financial advisory agreement. PandaTip: If you intend to offer additional services under the terms of this Agreement, be sure to add them to the model in this section. This Agreement cannot be amended or amended in any way unless it is signed in writing by clients and consultants. [Sender.Company], (“consultant”) forwards this financial advice agreement [Client.Company] (“customer”). This financial advisory agreement describes the terms of [Sender.Company] that provide financial advisory services to [Client.Company]. PandaTip: Start customizing this chord template by filling in the tokens on the right. These tokens make it easy to make sure your deal is 100% done before sending it, and can even be filled out automatically by more than 30 pandaDoc integrations immediately ready for use. As compensation for services provided under this agreement, the company pays $5,000 per month to the consultant. In addition, on July 17, 2013, if the contract was not terminated by July 17, 2013, and an additional 25,000 common shares on January 17, 2014, if the contract was not terminated by January 17, 2014, the Company will return 25,000 common shares to Consultant. The client undertakes to cooperate with and retain consultants in order to provide the services defined in this contract.

The advisor accepts this contractual relationship and undertakes to provide the financial advice services listed in accordance with the terms of this agreement and undertakes to carry out in good conscience the tasks listed. All messages required by the terms of this Agreement are sent by email or email authenticated to the following addresses: This agreement is intended to govern the business relationship between [Sender.Company] and [Client.Company].