Submission Guidelines


Submission Guidelines


  • Authors manuscripts should follow Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, pp. 57­-69, for the author’s responsibilities.


  • We accept only Microsoft Word documents, double-spaced, left justification, and in Times New Roman font, 12 pt.


  • Submit separate Word files for front matter, chapters, back matter, and any appendices.


  • Be sure to search and replace all double spaces with single spaces in your manuscript.


  • Do not use special formatting such as bold or tabs.


  • Make paragraph indentations correctly. To do this, with your first paragraph in the manuscript, go to Format, Paragraph, Special, and choose First line. Once you have set that, your hard returns will automatically make a paragraph. (If you use tabs for paragraphs, you will have to remove them.)


  • Use italics not underlining to indicate italics.


  • Use en-dashes for inclusive dates and em-dashes (the longer ones) for interrupted speech. You can find these under Insert, Symbol, Special Characters.


  • Insert any diacriticals using Insert, Symbol.


  • Number your pages, but do not add any header or footers.


  • If you use other authors’ or artists’ material we will need copies of your permissions to reprint/reproduce.


  • If you have special kinds of illustrations, and do not find answers in the Chicago Manual of Style, we will advise you on how to prepare them.


  • When your manuscript is ready for submission, please run spell check.