Texas Loan Modification Agreement

NOW THEREFORE, taking into account the reciprocal covenants and agreements stipulated in them, and for other good and valuable counterparties whose receipt and sufficiency are herestial and on the express condition that the right to guarantee the mortgage is and will remain a valid, first and subsisting right on the real estate described there (“collateral”),: the priority of guaranteeing a mortgage may however be compromised with other types of contracts. If the amendment provides, for example, that the lender submits fresh money for a previously contracted loan, a junior pawnholder, without a subordination agreement, could take precedence over the amount of newly made-out funds. As always, during negotiations with the borrower, lenders should take every opportunity to verify the borrower`s personal, financial and credit information. This information is not only important in assessing the likelihood that the borrower will meet the conditions for amending the loan contract, but the information is very valuable to the lender`s lawyer in monitoring the recovery. D. Payment of the note is also provided by a separate warranty agreement (“guarantee”) of October 30, 2000 by and between the Principal Privacy Corporation (and its successors and beneficiaries of the assignment) and Applied Digital Solutions, Inc., a Delaware Corporation. Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. changed its legal name to Digital Angel Corporation on June 20, 2008. v. Full agreement. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement and agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement.

This agreement replaces all previous and simultaneous negotiations, commitments, agreements and agreements between the parties that survive the implementation and implementation of this agreement. There is no evidence of probation to object to or amend the terms of these provisions. The bond signed by DIGITAL ANGEL CORPORATION f/k/a APPLIED DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, INC. (“guarantee”) as part of a guarantee of October 30, 2000 between the Principal Life Insurance Company (and its successors and beneficiaries of the sale) and Applied Digital Solutions, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, joins the execution of this credit modification agreement to confirm its agreement and approve and approve the terms of this Agreement and to confirm that the execution and delivery of this agreement does not in any way obloment the release, modification, reduction, impairment, termination or fulfillment of the subordinate`s commitments or liabilities under the terms of its guarantee, unless provided for in this agreement. Guarantor also acknowledges that, on June 20, 2008, it changed its legal name from Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. to Digital Angel Corporation by filing a Certificate of Amendment of the Incorporation of Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. certificate with the Dela Secretary of State. An amending loan contract is used when a lender and borrower decide to change the terms of an existing debt. The parties may choose to amend a number of previously agreed issues, including the balance of notes, interest rate, terms of payment, etc. the document must be signed and deposited by the lender and borrower if the note is guaranteed by a real estate mortgage. SLS won in court and on appeal. One of the arguments put forward by SLS was that the Delays Act prohibited the application of the credit amendment because the agreement had never been signed.