Unb Hr Collective Agreements

To access the various collective agreements, please use the links on the right. Recruitment of a human resource processes Information for Faculty Members and Academic Administrators (only for information, Appendix B2 Form (updated) Appendix Form B1 (updated) Appendix B2 Form (updated) Appendix B2 Form (edited by PAR) Appendix C1 Form Appendix C2 Form for PSAC-UGSW collective agreement issues: contract collaborators consisting of a bargaining unit of part-time instructors and librarians , was certified by AUNBT in 2008. The bargaining unit consists of “All persons employed by the University of New Brunswick in part-time contract training in a course of credit or who are employed as part-time librarians on all University of New Brunswick campuses, with the exception of deans, associates or assistants, those who are above the dean`s rank, the university library , the members of the faculty, the members of the Govers Council, are busy. persons for whom a union has bargaining rights under the Labour Relations Act and those who are excluded by the Labour Relations Act.┬áIn this rate unit, there are approximately 600 employees who teach 1,500 courses per year. Model for offering a contract to teach a course at a multi-year appointment (MYA) to holders of more than 400 graduate student-workers (Graduate Student Teaching Assistants – Research Assistants). CUPE Collective Agreement (which expires June 30, 2020) CUPE Collective Agreement 2012-2016 The University of New Brunswick has had a positive relationship with various labour groups on each campus for well over 30 years. Mutual respect and focus on creating a positive learning and working environment are of the utmost importance in this regard. AUNBT Collective Agreement 2016-2021 Wage Networks (2016-2021)Experience Grids (2016-2021)Decanal GridsMarket Differential Chart Peter McDougall, Associate Vice-President (HR) Ryan Johnston, Labour Relations Specialist – CounselMoira Goodfellow, Labour Relations Specialist – Counsel Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers AUNBT, certified in 1979, is one of the first faculty associations in Canada to become a union certified under current provincial labour law.